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Eloise ★★★★★

Pleased with Michael and the job he did. He went the extra mile.

Velly and Lisa ★★★★★

Great Michael was not pushy, but recommended scotch guard! We were impressed!

Aimee C ★★★★★

I realized it had been three years since I moved into my house and I'd never had my light colored carpets professionally cleaned (It's ok if you think I'm gross) so I had Tyler come out and clean my living room even though I was pretty sure the carpet was a lost cause and just should have been removed. I do know Tyler personally (I need to let you know that because, you know, fairness and full disclosure and such) so he had been in my home and seen my carpet prior to cleaning it and he said that he thought he could make it look and feel new again. While I had my doubts, I made an appointment.
He showed up with his van of tricks and explained the whole process to me as he was getting set up. I have two big dogs, so because of that, in addition to cleaning the carpet he was going to apply a disinfecting treatment as well. It made me happy to know that it's a chemical free process and that all of the cleaning solutions are citrus based.

Every single little spot is gone from my carpet. Tyler's work is nothing short of some kind of carpet cleaning voodoo ninja magic and I'm so glad I let him have a shot at cleaning it. It looks, feels, and smells at least as good as new. It actually probably smells better than new because there's not really "that new carpet smell" but if there was, I would hope it smelled fruity and citrussyv and clean, because it's fantastic. Tyler is wonderful and if you need carpet or upholstery cleaning, he should for sure be your first choice. I'm pretty excited to have him back to clean my sofa. Like. Soon.

Mark ★★★★★

Thank you for, quality work!

Overall Score: 5.0
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